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Just starting out? Lifelong athlete? Somewhere inbetween? Podrunner has a multi-week program to help you burn calories, build endurance, and improve speed & distance in a way that's efficient, effective, and fun for power walkers, joggers, and runners. Hit your stride!
Ease into power walking, jogging, or running with minimum stress and maximum enjoyment! The 3-week Begintervals series is a great prelude to Podrunner's First Day to 5K program.
This 10-week course follows the popular Couch to 5K template to get you started running, even if you've never run before. First Day to 5K is great if you're returning to running, too!
Ten weeks that will get you in shape for 8K runs! Gateway to 8K is also an excellent trainer to transition from 5K to 10K. Designed by renowned coach Jenny Hadfield.
By the end of this 10-week series, you'll be running a 10K! Freeway to 10K was designed by best-selling trainer Jenny Hadfield, who provides tips at the end of each mix.
Skyline is a four-part Progressive Intervals series with three 6-minute segments that accelerate by 5 BPM, then decelerate at the same rate. Great for cardio, speed, and endurance!
A five-part series of 10:1 Intervals (10-minute runs and 1-minute rests), Bass 10 is designed to increase endurance and help muscle development.
The four Progressive Intervals Speedbump mixes are designed to accelerate you from your current speed to a competitor's pace of 180 Beats Per Minute.
The 5-part Starburst series combines combines Sprint and Superset training for maximum effectiveness in building stamina, increasing speed, and burning calories.

Tabata's short, full-on workouts are the most efficient for building endurance. These High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) programs are highly effective calorie burners!
Driving Spikes' 30-minute Sprint Interval workouts are fantastic for improving cardio, endurance, and speed. Podrunner's most popular program!
Bevel Up is a three-part series designed to improve overall speed and condition you for a competitive pace of 180 BPM. A great speed-training tool even if you don't compete!
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