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Podrunner robotAbout Podrunner
Podrunner is a bi-weekly series of workout-music mixes created and produced by DJ and author Steve Boyett. Mixes are standard MP3 files, and can be played or downloaded from the Podrunner website, as well as on iTunes, Google Play, Youtube, iHeartRadio, Mixcloud, and most apps for playing and subscribing to podcasts.

Most Podrunner mixes are hour-long, fixed-tempo workouts from 120 to 185 Beats Per Minute (BPM), encompassing power walkers, joggers, runners, spinning, elliptical, aerobics, or anyone who can benefit from a tempo-based workout. They are deliberately “generic,” in that, after a brief introduction, there are no instructions or interruptions of any kind. Because of Podrunner's open-ended nature, listeners have used it for everything from mail-carrying to making pots.

Podrunner also offers multi-week training programs for 5K, 8K, 10K, and more, and showcases innovative workout mixes based on modern training methods, such as Tabata, Progressive Intervals, Fartleks (sprints), Ramp, Staircase, and more.

Podrunner is founded on the idea that music should be a partner to your workout, not a distraction from it. Because electronic dance music is groove-oriented rather than melody-oriented, it's ideal for working out. For more about this idea, see Steve's post Why We Move to Grooves.

Though it has occasionally partnered with advertisers, Podrunner relies entirely on listener contributions and merchandise sales to remain online.
Podrunner  debuted on iTunes in February 2006, and was an immediate hit, earning iTunes’ People’s Choice Award for Best New Podcast. Podrunner was awarded iTunes' Best Podcast awards in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010, and garnered rave reviews from Running Times, Runner's World, Self, Women's Health, Now, Prevention, Men’s Fitness, and many more magazines, newspapers, and websites. Podrunner was the first series of its kind, and has been in the Top 100 in its category since its 2006 debut.
Steve BoyettAbout Steve Boyett
Steven R Boyett is a writer and DJ in the San Francisco Bay area. His first novel, Ariel, was written when he was 19, and is widely regarded as a cult classic. Other novels include The Architect of Sleep, Elegy Beach, Mortality Bridge, and the forthcoming Fata Morgana. He has also published short stories, comic books, and essays. In 1995 he wrote the second draft of Toy Story 2 for Pixar.

As a DJ, he has played clubs and conventions in major cities and at Burning Man. In 2006 he created the popular podcasts Podrunner (workout music) and Groovelectric (DJ mixes). Many of his live gigs are available as Groovelectric mixes.

Steve also has been a professional martial arts instructor, writing teacher, advertising copywriter, proofreader, website editor, chapbook publisher, paper marbler, and electronic dance music composer.
Music copyright (c) the respective artists. All other material (c) 2017 by Podrunner, LLC. All rights reserved. For personal use only. Any unauthorized copying, editing, exhibition, sale, rental, exchange, public performance, or broadcast of this audio is strictly prohibited. "Podrunner" is a registered Trademark of Podrunner, LLC.
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