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This three-part series conditions you to run at a competitive pace of 180 BPM, but it's a great tool for anyone who wants to increase their overall speed.

The idea is simple: After a 150-BPM warmup, you'll have runs at 160, 165, 170, and 175 BPM. Between each of those runs will be a 180-BPM burst. In the next mixes, the burst gets a minute longer, and the rest gets a minute shorter.

Recommended: Run with each mix three times in a week, trying to get further into the mix each time, before moving to the next.

A speed chart accompanies each mix below. The series gets its name because the charts look like grooves cut with a bevel.
BEVEL UP 1 [25:18]

In Part 1 you'll run 12 minutes of "rests" and 4 minutes at 180 BPM


01. HedustMA - Natural Technology*
02. Jawjee - Enlightenment (Kenshi Kamaro Remix)
03. Fighting Shadows - Kaone*
04. U-Wood - Alive
05. Simmo - Whisper (Samuel Zamora Remix)
06. Javier de Baraja - Empty Space
07. Saluberrimae - Loophole*
*Free download! (Licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0)
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BEVEL UP 2 [24:14]

In Part 2 you'll run 8 minutes of "rests" and 8 minutes at 180 BPM


01. Pettra - Desert*
02. Cruster - Breathe (Hernan Serrao Remix)
03. Psydewise - Marble Theory*
04. TR20 - Kore
05. Ben Champell - Venezia
06. John Lead - Tunnel Vision*
07. Organic Soup - Old Timers (2016 Edit)*
08. Francisco Samuel - Baby Cmon
09. Pettra - Tribal Earth*
10. Monkey Puzzle - Adventures In Mossland*
*Free download! (Licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0)
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BEVEL UP 3 [24:51]

In Part 3 you'll run 4 minutes of "rests" and 12 minutes at 180 BPM


01. Schpunk - Lieben Wie Damals*
02. Chrizzlix - Far Away*
03. BreKeke - Vamos*
04. Wootz - Designers of the Universe*
05. Mental Broadcast - Back to the Lab*
06. Maurizio Leonardi - Opportunities
*Free download! (Licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0)
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